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Promises, Promises

May 06, 2010 By: Andrew Category: Musings

We play Blokus like it's going out of style.The fact that it has taken me almost three months to write a new blog entry is more than slightly embarrassing. Back in the day when I had a Xanga (and I think we all remember those days), you couldn’t keep me from documenting every detail of my mind-numbingly unexciting high school life. I think once I blogged three times in one day. It was downright unhealthy. But I confess it’s also unhealthy to not keep a living, breathing document of the good times had in NYC life. And I am having some really good times in my NYC life.

Case in point: I spent all of last week wishing a fond farewell to someone who has become a very dear friend to me. But instead of it being sad, it was more of a celebration. A celebration of friendships and a celebration of the beauty this city offers when the sun decides to come out. Monday was a Sunnyside game night featuring my favorite new Tetris-meets-Battleship obsession Blokus. Tuesday was a trip to see what I know to be the most innovative new musical on Broadway this season. (Insert heated debate.) Wednesday was another Sunnyside game night. And Blokus made an appearance. But so did Uno Stacko. And some really gross fruint punch. Thursday was a hiatus but then the weekend kicked into full gear with Bourbon Street shenanigans on Friday, Penn Station-area fun on Saturday and a truly lovely Washington Heights Sunday brunch topped off by an incredibly blissful day in Central Park. Blokus made an appearance. And so did a bagpiper whom I now hate.

This city moves so quickly that you barely get time to recognize what an awesome time you’re having let alone blog about it. But may this serve as my promise to you, dear reader(s), I will make this the summer of blogging. I am going to fill your life with so many inane thoughts about and images of life in this city that you’re going to wish you could revert back to the days when all I blogged about was my junior year AP English paper. Which I posted in its entirety. And you may find here.