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My Junk

June 20, 2009 By: Andrew Category: Nothings

I like to pretend I’m not materialistic, but some of the really cool stuff you can nab in this city would seem to prove otherwise. See below for what currently tops my list of favorite things…

1. 2.

3.Click this to see what it looks like when you flip it over:o) 4.This is proving to be worht the investment.

  1. This argyle stationary from Papyrus is paper-ific genius. It’s manly chic!
  2. Moleskin Notebook (NYC edition) and nycSmarts Flash Card Game… Both welcoming presents from my wonderful roomie, these help me learn my way around the city without looking like a tourist.
  3. The magic wallet from J. Crew. Just enough room for everything I need… plus you can whip it out at parties and impress your friends with its two-sided intrigue.
  4. OK, so I’ve had my passport for a while… but it became a necessity when the DMV confiscated my TN license and told me my new one would come in the mail in two weeks. Lame.

I Dreamed a Dream

December 07, 2007 By: Andrew Category: Nothings

It is now official: I have seen every musical currently running on Broadway.This is a lot of shows...

If it weren’t for the strike I would have made it to all the plays too. But this is pretty good.

Read my final review (for now) from NYC  >here<.

My Favorite Things

November 26, 2007 By: Andrew Category: Nothings

They're ice skating!

The Coolest Season in the Coolest City

Who needs music?!

Why My iPod Will Make Me Miss My Subway Stop

I heart this movie...

If Damien Rice Were Obscure Enough to Star in a Musical

You know you love snack cakes.

A Throwback to Lunches in Third Grade


September 19, 2007 By: Andrew Category: Nothings

In the latest entertainment news from New York and the nation…

1. Whoopi joins the cast of The View | Plans for a third installment to complete the groundbreaking Sister Act trilogy are, sadly, shelved.

2. O.J. Simpson out on bail | After all, he has an entirely new (albeit less interesting) chapter to tack onto the end of If I Did It.

3. Oprah questions Timberlake on Spears’ whereabouts | She then pauses dramatically, mugs for the camera and tells the studio audience to look under their chairs!

You cannot sit there and tell me you see an upper lip on this woman.4. Reba named Billboard’s Woman of the Year | Which just goes to show you can do great things even if you do not have a visible upper lip.

5. Dan Rather sues CBS for $70 million | Insiders place their money on CBS as Section II of the lawsuit (entitled “Katie Couric is just a smelly girl with cooties”) seems to have some holes.