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That Face

October 23, 2007 By: Andrew Category: Sightings

Sydney Bristow knows Paul!I really have run into very few celebrities since coming to New York. Which is odd because I was under the impression that this city was 75% celebrities, 24% investment bankers and 1% normal people like me. It could be that I just find myself so comfortable and at ease when I am around celebrities that I simply do not notice when they are right in front of my face. Ha!

One notable sighting this past weekend came when I saw >Cyrano de Bergerac< with the lovely Ms. Sidney Bristow (a.k.a. Jennifer Garner). Although, I’m not sure it counts as a “sighting” if I paid to see her. Oh well. I heard whispers that Paul Newman was in the audience. Did not see him, however, until going to the grocery store the next day (see picture at right).

Piano Lesson

August 30, 2007 By: Andrew Category: Sightings

You can't make this stuff up!Something as simple as entering the F-line station on 34th near Herald Square can lead to unbridled entertainment value:

It may be difficult to make out, but this man on the keyboard (who appeared to be asleep, I might add) is accompanied by a chorus of six Chucky and/or Bride of Chucky-esque dolls. They shook their hips. They sang along. Please note that the one in the foreground (obviously the Beyonce of the group… what a whore, right?) has a Discman. Enough said. This guy is the coolest thing since Eric Clapton. I shall call him “The Clap.”